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Vasiliy Hudyakov

Vasiliy Hudyakov


Russian Academy of Art, I. Glazunov 2004,
Chelyabinsk Art Collage 1998

Teaching Styles:



Seascape & Marine

Drawing & Sketching

Painting from Photograph




"What is painting for me? My goal is to purify a visual or personal experience into its nature and convey my imagination in the most revealing turn of phrase—raise it into the area of realism".



Vasily Hudyakov works in various of the genre. There are landscape paintings, still-life, portraits. Every painting style is different by a unique master touch. Still-life paintings instinct with richness, telling authenticity, color intensity. Expression, sensibility, honesty in the model’s personal attributes rendering intrinsic to portrait.

Painter impastes his landscape paintings in perfect work-room – at plein-air. Outdoors painting allows capturing and perpetuating the moment, the state of nature, which is changing every minute, passing on imponderable action and transparency of the air, showing objects in their natural environment, with natural lighting, shadows, and colors. Portraits of Nature by Vasily Hudyakov signed fidelity features nature, freshness, and subtlety of her fleeting glance at the status light and a special atmosphere. The ability to realize the subtlety of natural scenic resources of states, up to the humidity and temperature, allow to characterize impressionistic landscapes like written in the best traditions of Russian landscape school known by S.U. Zhukovsky, S. A. Vinogradov, I.E. Grabar. His works express his feelings, emotions, and thoughts. The mood in the landscape Hudyakov - majestic calm - reflects the richness and breadth of the Russian soul.


Vasiliy Hudyakov is honored to receive multiple local and national level awards and titles, including highly prestigious Merited Artist of Russian Federation.


"First of all, to convey to students to become artists, pay more attention to composition, learn to listen to yourself and maintain their individuality."

Instructor's Images:

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