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Irina Rybakova

Irina Rybakova


Member of the Russian Academy of Arts

Teaching Styles:



Seascape & Marine

Drawing & Sketching

Painting from Photograph




“Why do I paint? I was lucky to be born in a place where every other person
in town was an excellent artist, so I had a chance to learn from them. I had no other
choice than to be an artist. Seriously. And I want a newer generation in Russia, and in the world, to be connected to great traditions of Russian realism.”



Irina Rybakova is a nationally known and recognized master of the Russian landscape
and genre painting. Irina was born in 1962 in town Vyshny Volochyok, Tver region, and her
early childhood went in an area, known as Academical Dacha, which is plein air workshop
studios for artists from all over Russia. Since then she firmly decided to become an artist and
she never changed or regretted this decision. Growing as an artist her mentors were famous
artists Anatoli Levitin, Nikolai Kolupayev, Mikhail Kugach. Being successful and hardworking
artist Rybakova is also an active promoter of traditions of the Russian school of Realism in mass media.
The world of the Russian village and the image of a very villager are the main subjects of her
artwork. People coming to her exhibitions often say that Irina’s paintings talk to them, and show her deep love for Russian nature, that is alive well of the Russian character and culture.


Irina Rybakova is honored to receive multiple local and national level awards and titles, including highly prestigious Merited Artist of Russian Federation


“Teaching is the way to connect a newer generation of artists and art enthusiasts to great traditions of Russian realism.”

Instructor's Images:

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