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How to Start

Oil Plein Air Setup - Equipment & Supplies:

Here is a list of everything you will need to start painting with oil. This is a minimal pro-setup, meaning all equipment and materials are professional grade but affordable.

Included below are the links to online art-stores where you can make your purchases and begin your journey.



Pallette Knife

Palette Knife


To start you will need only one palette knife. Later on, you will add some more palette knives that will suit your artistic needs. 

We would recommend a small palette knife with a straight side, something like Painting Knife by RGM:

Average Cost: $9.00 + shipping & tax


This is the basic set of colors for you to start. Later on, you will add some other colors base on your artistic needs.

Here is the list of the colors that we recommend to start with:

Average Cost: $120.00 + shipping & tax

Oil Painting Workshop
Solvents & Mediums

Solvents & Mediums

There are so many mediums and solvents on the market today. But to start we would recommend:

Average Cost: $30.00 + shipping & tax


Canvas & Surgfaces

To experience the best results especially when you starting we recommend using oil primed canvases. The sizes vary from 3x5 and up to 24x35. We would recommend starting from relatively small like 6x8, 8x10, 9x12 :

  • Centurion Deluxe Pro Oil Primed Linen Panels (OP DLX)
    6x8   - 12 panels

    8x10 - 6 panels
    9x12 - 6 panels

Average Cost: $100.00 + shipping & tax


PleinAir Easels

Once again, there are so many good PleinAir easels on the market today. But we would recommend several easels that were tested by the artists on the field:

Average Cost: $230.00 + shipping & tax



We would recommend purchasing three or four sections carbon tripod with a ball-head. It should be a lightweight tripod, small to fit into your backpack, and strong enough to hold your easel. Also, it is recommended to have a hook under the ball-head to hang your backpack for extra stability. Always check these four parameters before making your purchase:

  • Folded Height (to fit your backpack)

  • Extended Height (should be above 50") 

  • Tripod Weight 

  • Maximum Ball-Head Load (should be above 10lb)

Average Cost: $150.00 + shipping & tax



Make sure your backpack is big enough to fit your easel, paint-box, brushes, panel holder, etc. We recommend purchasing a backpack after you make your decision on easel and tripod you would like to use. We recommend:

Average Cost: $50.00 + shipping & tax



Below you will find a list of all recommended accessories for you to start your journey:

Average Cost: $90.00 + shipping & tax

Overall Average Cost: $995 + shipping & tax

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