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Andrey Dareev

Andrey Dareev


Member of the Moscow Union of Artists,
Member of the Union of Russian Artists. Modern times.

Teaching Styles:



Seascape & Marine

Drawing & Sketching

Painting from Photograph




To know the world of God in its diversity. Create depth and space on a flat canvas
and immerse the viewer in your world. I always knew as a child that I would be an artist. And I did not dream of another profession. For me, an artist is a way of life, and painting is the joy and happiness of contemplating colors in a world created by God. The main theme in my work is to
reflect the joy and hardships of real people in real life. I try to find deep philosophical meaning in simple li stories.



I was born in 1978 in the city of Semipalatinsk. As a child, I loved to draw and every year more and more immersed in the world of painting. I was lucky because there was a good teacher at the art school and he managed to light a spark inside me. Studied at the Novoaltaysk Art School. In 1999 I entered the Glazunov Art Academy in Moscow. The personality of Ilya Glazunov had a strong influence on my worldview, and training at the academy took place in the best traditions of the Imperial Academy of Arts. After studying, a large financial company invited me to work as the main artist, where I created interiors in a palace style. But at some time I realized that it was not mine and I was more and more attracted to painting and self-realization, as an independent artist. Since that time, I travel a lot and paint pictures of people's lives.


Grand Prix for the picture "Potato" of the All-Russian competition "Family is the soul of Russia'', organized by the fund of social and cultural initiatives, President Medvedev.
The winner of the competition dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Russian Railways in the nomination "Portrait" portrait of Khilkova.
Grand Prix for the painting “Roofs of St. Petersburg” in the competition “Cities and Regions of Russia”' organized by the Fund for Assistance to Russian Art and the British Embassy in Russia. The most important exhibitions: 2010 personal exhibition at the Moscow City Hall; 2014 personal exhibition in the Lipetsk Regional Art Museum; 2019 personal exhibition in the cultural house of Ozerov in the city of Kolomna; Anniversary exhibition “Union of Russian Artists. New time ”in the Grand Palace of Tsaritsino.


"First of all, to convey to students to become artists, pay more attention to composition, learn to listen to yourself and maintain their individuality."

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