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Upcoming Events in 2020


Event: Webinar (Zoom)
Dates: Thursday, August 19

Time: 10AM- 11AM

FREE Webinar with Russian Master of Plein Air Irina Rybakova.

Unique opportunity to see Irina's demo of Plein Air painting from Russia translated to English. Do not miss this unique opportunity!


Event: Online Workshop - Six Sessions

Dates: To be determined (required 10 students)

Time:  Saturdays 10AM- 11AM

A series of 6 LIVE online sessions once a week for 6 WEEKS (in English)

Unique opportunity to study with Russian master of Plein Air Irina Rybakova for entire six weeks. A total of six demos, six paintings, and a lot of information.

Do not miss this opportunity! 

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Taking workshop always gives an aspiring artist a huge boost to look at what own art under new angle and tune-up a direction he/she moves. Successful workshop makes one to take a big step towards the main goal. Choosing to learn from Russian master, you open a door to school that forged it’s finest skills for a few centuries and still remain a mystery. Unveil the mystery and learn new knowledge.

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